Our Story
His Story

I had just arrived at a formal ball that was being held on a southern plantation. I was handed a glass of champagne and while I was soaking in the moment, I noticed a beautiful woman standing across the room. I walked up to her and introduced myself. She was wearing a beautiful, blue gown and her name was Adrienne.

We were enjoying some light conversation when all of a sudden... a large crash came from outside. The entire house shook, people fell over, vases fell to the ground and shattered. Everyone ran to the windows to look outside... A large spaceship had just landed on the front lawn. The door of the ship opened and giant plant-beings were climbing out of the ship.

The aliens came straight for the house. Their planticles breaking through the windows and grabbing the party guests. I pulled a sword off of the wall and started fighting the planticles. They were strong, but very easy to cut. A green, gooey nectar was dripping out of their wounds. We all thought that we could fight them off, but the nectar was attracting bees - giant, killer bees.

I grabbed Adrienne's hand and we started running. Climbing the stairs, jumping over planticles, swinging the sword, and dodging killer bees. For some unknown reason, I started singing Eye of the Tiger. Not knowing the words, I was actually just humming and blurting out the words that I did know.

Luckily, this was all part of a dream (really, it was). Which is appropriate since my life with Adrienne also feels like a dream. A perfect, blissful dream from which I don't ever want to wake.

Her Story

I was out having a great time dancing away at a bar in Philly when all of a sudden a man dressed like Indiana Jones came up to me and said "We must leave now, you are not safe here." He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the bar. This stranger was unbelievably handsome, Indiana Jones lookalike.

Once outside the bar, he explained that we needed to leave the country immediately. I said I was not going to go anywhere with a stranger. He apologized by saying his name was Kevin Franklin and then he presented me with a passport and two tickets to Paris. I told him I needed to stop home to pack and he said we had no time for that.

We jumped in a cab and made it to the Philadelphia airport just in time to board our flight. I knew this was a crazy idea but there was something in his eyes that told me I could trust him. We arrived in Paris and walked the city for hours, ate chocolate mousse, and drank champagne. After a first date in Paris how could I be with another man?

While this account is 100% a fantasy, this is what it feels like every day to be with Kevin, a fantasy come true.

How It Really Happened

I was invited to a house-warming party outside of Philadelphia - My friend Nick had just purchased his first home. In addition to his college friends, he had invited some of his colleagues from work. Amongst those colleagues was a beautiful, young woman that I just had to meet. Nick had just made a chocolate martini for her and that was going to be my way in...

I could tell instantly that the martini was going to be TERRIBLE. So I ran across the room as quickly as possible arriving just in time to prevent her from taking a sip. I quickly prepared a delicious chocolate martini it its place - one that actually contained chocolate.

After talking for 5 hours, I handed her $2 and we traded phone numbers. My friends all advised not to call her too quickly (3 days is money, after all), but I called her the very next day and setup our first real date. The rest, as they say, is history...